Handmade for your Interiors. Perfect natural wood wall decor to highlight any empty space. It is a fun interactive art piece, where one can mark their travels and plan their future holidays. It is also an educative art pieces for all age groups. Unique gift for friends, family and colleagues. Available in two sizes: M and L.

USA wood rustic wall map room decor

The United States USA wooden map is bright, trendy and daring, just a bit. This wall map is about color splashes and unexpected combinations of those. Eyecathing, inspiring decoration, bringing good vibes into your home or office.

Easy to install, takes about 30 minutes. Unpack the box to find individual map pieces, spacer/alignment pieces, instruction drawing, and highly durable two sided tape.
The map is to be stuck with the tape provided.
Use our instruction video and drawings to ease out the process.

material: fibreboard
thickness: 6 -18 mm (0.24” – 0.7”)
available in two sizes: M and L

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