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3 Tips for Fool-Proof Enjoy the Wood 2D USA Map Installation

New Home, New Map!

Whether you live in the USA or outside, it is difficult to deny that it is one of the most important, most beautiful and most interesting places on the planet. 2D wooden USA map brings the color, character and charisma of this unique country straight into your home or office.

Wood wall decor 2D map USA

So you’ve decided to treat yourself with a gorgeous 2D Wood USA Map from Enjoy the Wood. Or someone who REALLY loves you has given you one as a gift. First of all, congratulations! We have no hesitation in saying you’ll LOOOOVE it for many years to come. And now having put up two maps ourselves, we’re happy to share our top tips for fool proof map installation!

The map is the very first thing you see when you walk through and out the door each day. It’s also perfectly visible from my living room couch and even the kitchen. I didn’t think I could love this map any more than my previous one, but I was wrong!

Tips for Installing your Wood 2D USA Map

A relatively simple process, the box comes with a one-page instruction sheet describing the steps for installation. And from our experience, here are five important tips to consider when installing the 2D USA map with ease.

  1. Give yourself enough time. The installation will take about two hours from start to finish, so make a coffee, call a friends and have fun with it!
  2. Use the placement templates provided. Be sure to use the corner templates when starting the process to avoid incorrectly placing the map. Measure from the ceiling to ensure that your map will be level.
  3. Handling the Double Sided Tape. Consider taking the backing off of the double sided tape in longer sections rather than piece by piece. The first time we put the map up, we cut out and applied all the pieces of tape with the backing on, which then took forever to peel off each individual piece. So this time instead, we peeled off the backing in one long strip and then cut off little pieces from the roll as we went.
New Home, New Map wood 2d wood USA

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