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3D wooden world wall map is every traveler’s dream

3D Multicolor wall map. Check off each country you’ve visited!

What to give to an inveterate traveler? The eternal question to which multiple answers are added each time, each one more original than the last.

Multicolor wall map birch plywood

You can also choose between different styles: Blank Map (without names of countries without borders), Map Only Borders (with borders and without names), Standard Map (with names of countries and borders), Standard Map + Capitals, Standard Map + States (with the names of the United States, Canada and Australia) or the Full Pack (Standard Map with the names of the United States, Canada and Australia and the capitals of the countries).

all the world wooden map natural multicolor wall decor
The world in a wall. Wooden map natural multicolor wood art

In addition, it also includes push pins to mark the countries you have visited, the ones you want to visit or any souvenir you want. There are even pins in the shape of monuments, airplanes, and shipping!

The wall of your house is crying out for a wooden map!

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New Home, New Map wood 2d wood USA

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