Top 6 Trending Wooden Map Decor Items to Elevate Your Home in 2023

Multicolor 3D Wood Wall Map Large Wall Art

Looking for perfect inspirational gifts for travel lovers? This stylish mosaic of world locations is the best gift idea for Housewarming, Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 5th Anniversary, or any other special moment.

Terra color 3D World Wooden Wall Map Decor

Being a beautifully crafted wall decor, Terra wood map have always had their magnetism, hooked people’s attention, and inspired the owners. 3D Terra world map is an ideal way to get the whole planet on the wall of your living room, bedroom, or office. A sublime 3D effect adds life to any wall and warms the hearts of the most experienced travelers.

⭐ lifetime warranty
⭐ comes ready-to-gift
⭐ travel planner & memory board
⭐ installation is fun and easy

Bedroom Wall Decor USA Map 3D Puzzle

This bedroom USA wall map decoration is so aesthetically pleasing, modern, and constructed so well! It was really easy to put on. It is a great conversation piece and looks great in bedroom wall at home.

Europe Wooden Terra Wall Map

3D Wooden Map of Europe is the perfect way to get the Old Continent on the wall of your room, hall, living room, office or cottage. Combination of cutting, engraving and manual staining and glueing creates an original and valuable product. These techniques create an amazing 3D effect that will give life to any wall space and will please the heart and soul of any travel lover.

Wood Art 2D Travel Map

3D Wooden World Map is the perfect way to get our whole World on the wall of your room, hall, living room, office or cottage. Maps have always had their charm and they always attract people’s attention. These breathtakingly large wall decorations feature layered wood panels.

3D Wooden World White Travel Map

Illuminate Your Wall Art Decor with LED Wooden World Map