World map on the wall – home decoration. How to choose the world map well

World map on the wall has become a very popular decoration lately. Among so many offers how to find the ideal one and not make a mistake.

There are different types of world maps – a simple image printed on cardboard, a wooden world map, puzzle world maps, vinyl, cork or metal world maps, of all possible sizes, colors and prices.

We are professionals in wooden world maps, therefore, we can advise on exactly how to choose this type of decoration.

In addition, there are larger, non-standard and custom sizes. We have been making maps for almost 7 years and during this time we see that the most popular and most demanded size is 2 m wide. And it is not a surprise, because this one fits perfectly in any room and is also big enough to enjoy all the details of the piece.

In the 1m and 1.5m sizes it is almost always impossible to include all the islands, which are in the 2m and larger ones. Neither in this world map on the wall can you print the names of the countries or capitals, or some borders.

Choose the finish and what does it include?

World maps made of wood are usually either simple (flat, one layer of wood) or 3D world maps (they are practically 3 layers of plywood glued together in a way that creates the 3D effect). In addition, there are variations of mono- or multi-color.

Producers also offer different options in finishing regarding names of countries, capitals and borders. It can be either a world map with names/border printed or not. Of course, this affects the final price, for example, the price of a 3D world map with printed names and borders is usually more expensive than the simple world map without border engraving. But, this is not always the case, it all depends on the seller.

In addition, before making the decision, you have to see very well what exactly is included in the price. May include Antarctica, names of oceans, ships, planes, pushpins, etc. and that is why it is more expensive.

Why is world map so expensive?

Prices for a 2m wide world map are between 200 – 600 EUR. And of course, the question that arises the most is why it is so expensive. To answer it, we will have to go a little deeper into the details of the production process.

Before everything comes the price of raw material. World maps are made of high quality plywood, using different treatments, including anti-humidity, ecological paints and glues. Then comes the artistic workmanship. The laser cuts the pieces and then each piece is treated by hand – the pieces are glued together to achieve a 3D effect, painted etc. To make a world map you need hours and hours of work and inspiration. Each piece is a small work of art.

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